Insightful Tidbits

from "JAI MA"

= Victory, Praise and Thanks to the Divine Mother =

by Francis Ananda Love


and the Entire Universe,

are all GOD (Shiva)

and the CREATIVE FORCE of God (Shakti, the Divine Mother).

So, be patient...goodness, joy and perfection will result!

Jai Ma

To us, as the observer, she takes the entire universe in,

and puts it back out.

But for Her,

She neither takes it in or not;

nor does she put it out, or not.

For Her, She just IS.

Jai Ma

Why do most men feel they cannot live without a woman?

Most likely because She is Divine; she is an embodiment of selfless service, surrender, and total unconditional love; and, She is mother, sister, companion, lover, daughter, and a physical embodiment of God. At different times, she is different aspects, all depending upon OUR need and/or desire. Thus SHE is Shakti (energy, power). That's what she is. And, who is she? We all are Her, as we awaken Her nature within.

Jai Ma

["JAI MA" was a powerful "experience" during a 3 1/2 month Cave Sadhana (meditation retreat) in December-March 1987, and is a major chapter in Ananda's booklet, "The Last Flea"]

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