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Ma Shivani Puri

Narmada Bhavan

Ranga Mahal Ashram

Amar Kantak, M.P. 484886

tel. 94243-02748

Amar Kantak,  in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is the Headwaters of the Holy Narmada River (Narmada Ganga).


October, 2006, I met Shivani Puri and her Guru Sri Mahant Balaraj Puri.
I think it was in 2005 that he suffered a partial stroke;  he took his Samadhi in November, 2007 at the age of 100.

Ranga Mahal Ashram
The body of each Guru is buried in one of these Samadhi Pits

ShivaniPuriGuru.jpg ShivaniGuruFamily.jpg
Guru Sri Mahant Balaraj Puri Guruji's "Family" and friends

    Shivani Puri has been with her Guru since 15 years of age;
her mother, and somewhat mentally impaired sister (Santosi Ma) live at the ashram now,
along with some village and local teenage children whom Shivani Puri supports and serves.

Shivani-Bro-&-Guru.jpg Shivani-Family-&-Friends.jpg



The Pictures below show some of the ancient temples (approx. 1000 yrs old) at front and back of the Ashram property.
At one time, all of that property was part of the ashram; however,
now those ancient temples are the property
of India's antiquities and World Heritage Monuments programs. 



Actual Headwaters of the Narmada Ganga

Definitely Amar Kantak is a special piece of "India's Heaven";
and Shivani Puri's Ashram is available for your stay when you do visit.

Shivani-Rudraksha-Shade.jpg    ShivaniMoonflrShivaLingam.jpg    

Santoshi Ma
Amar Kantak Kids
Radha, Bellpati,Sushma
Radha, Bellpati,Sushma

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Shivani Puri
  Kids and families
at her Ashram
in Amar Kantak, headwaters of the Narmada Ganga.
The Roy Family, in West Bengal
  A true Gandhian family totally dedicated to village service and uplift.
Sita's Family
Sarubai Tambe Family Residence.

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