"Twelve Lights"

Sri Sri Anandamayee Ma

Bhaiji's twelve special instructions to devotees of Shree Shree Anandamayee MaLord Shiva

[Bhaiji was among the first and foremost devotees to Shree Anandamayee Ma, one of the greatest women saints in the history of India. It was Bhaiji who first understood Ma's nature, and gave her the name "Anandamayee Ma...Bliss-Permeated Mother".]

1). Ma is the visible embodiement of the thought image which is perceived while taking the name of God or Iswara. If established in the firm belief that Her physical form, actions and playful moods are all supernatural and extraordinary, one can...in one's thoughts, feelings and actions...venerate Her as the object of one's adorations, having enshrined Her lotus feet in the heart. Then need will not arise for any other support in the path of salvation.

2). If unable to accept Her as anything superior to a human being, at least try to accept any of Her qualities, viz. broadmindedness, dutifulness, remaining pleased and calm under all circumstances, as a model for emulation.

3). If one is fortunate enough to have personal experience of the manifold expressions of Her playful mood, one must not lose one's balance by regarding these as ordinary acts of someone of one's own level. Instead of this, one should observe and study each act most carefully to appreciate the mellowness and particular significance of each such act.

4). She is completely independent and free. Desire or dislike are attributes of human beings. She does not say or speak anything of Her own volition. The vibrations caused by our needs give rise to a response in the form of a corresponding desire on Her part.

5). There is always some deep or hidden meaning in all that comes to pass directly through Her or through Her grace, whether it be favorable or unfavorable according to our intellectual judgement. We should, therefore, calmly accept everything without demur.

6). As a result of some good acts performed in the past, one sometimes gets some positive guidance from Ma. Then one should follow the instructions unhesitatingly and without ques-tioning. Under no circumstances should one try to match one's own wishes with those of Ma.

7). The more you leave Her to remain in Her own natural mood, be it on occasions pleasant or unpleasant to you, the better would it be for the world at large. Remember that on no account you should act contrary to this. It is useless to exercise your own reasoning faculty regarding any of the acts pertaining to Her, even if they be relating to Her personal physical conveniences. Act according to whatever hint she might drop. Else it is better to just watch and listen quietly.

8). "Spare some time to think of God." This is what she begs of everyone. It is easier to earn Her grace by meditation and prayer, than by serving and looking after Her.

9). If on approaching Her a desire springs up to touch Her feet, then the heart should be as clean as a mirror at that time. The more hungry, thirsty, devoted and submissive one becomes, the more benefit and satisfaction would one derive from the immortalising touch of Her body.

10). To Her, all are alike. It is our own feeling which, like a string, pulls near or draws away. One's spiritual attainment depends on the nature of one's thoughts. The more the mind & body are kept open and receptive while approaching Her, the more would one's progress be accelerated towards fullness.

11). Whatever utterance falls from Her sacred lips, never goes in vain. Also, it is good to remember that Her memory is not restricted by the bonds of time.

12). Extremely hard penance is necessary if it is desired to erase even slightly, the writ of destiny. Remembering that grief and poverty spring from the effects of one's past actions, proceed during fair or foul weather with implicit faith in Her kindness.


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