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Molly Ma in Samadhi Cave
"Know Thyself"

Our service is to inspire and assist people for the "crowning glory" of their spiritual life; and to provide a facility for those who wish to pursue it. The Samadhi Meditation Cave serves this essential aspect of our spiritual journey by providing opportunity and space to go deep within. If we wish to know God, we must go within.  The world abounds in workshops, training programs, activity based retreat centers and other such opportunities to further one's spiritual quest.  However, there comes a time when we wish to find a place of solitude, and be as a monk for some period of time, whereby we can withdraw into our own self and sadhana, free of the distractions, movement, activity and socializing of group activity. So then, we are ready for a meditation cave … and to do/be our own "workshop".

The Samadhi Meditation Cave is a 12 foot diameter octagon, 7 feet below ground level. It is constructed of stones collected from the hillside and nearby canyon; the ceiling is beautiful old weathered barnwood, and the roof is under 4-6 inches of soil, with cactus and grasses growing atop.  In the center, stained glass panels line a perfectly proportioned pyramid skylight; small altars are in the walls of the four cardinal directions; a sound system has speakers hidden in the ceiling; and there is running water, small sink, etc. recessed into one wall.  Outside the door is another place to sit for meditation; and the flagstone yoga deck (see below) is just nearby. There is a heating system for winter months.  Truly, the cave IS awesome! Please see this letter from one visitor to get a "taste" of cave time... A Month in Samadhi Cave, by Lynn B.

If one has NOT had any meditation training and experience, then "Cave Time" can be very difficult, to say the least. Cave sadhana is NOT EASY for beginners! In this case, we usually suggest to do a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course.Vipassana is truly among the best, simplest, most direct techniques! No need for a guru to follow, etc. etc.; as this is a fantastic "do-it-yourself" technique, presented by a superb teacher as a gift to the world -- totally by "donaton only"; and trully, about as pure as it gets ... "Creme-de-la-Creme"! Available throughout the world, and the format etc. is the same everywhere, with teaching, training, and powerful evening discourses -- All By Donation! Yes, that's about as pure as it gets! In essence, it is straight from the Buddha, including the meditation technique and evening discourses. Most definitely a best place to start for beginners in Meditation, as well as for those who wish a life-long technique, NOT wanting to seek out a guru someplace, in order to learn meditation, spiritual principles, etc. etc.

  Ananda will provide spiritual counsel and assistance with various forms of yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices upon request. He is a Sadhu (monk); and has engaged in many weeks, months and years of cave sadhana in India, and also here. An article by Ananda gives insight on what can be done during cave time: A Cave Yogi's Prescription for Instant Liberation!

yogadeck.jpgA flagstone Yoga Deck, and other outdoor sitting places, are nicely secluded amongst the gardens and fruit orchard near the meditation caves. 

In today's fast-pace society, one does not easily find: (a) the idea to go within; (b) the idea to go to a cave or other solitary place to do so; (c) the opportunity in one's busy life to do so; (d) the place to do so (such as a meditation cave); (e) the will to do so; and, finally... (f) the person who actually does so!  May you be blessed to be among those who are so fortunate.

So ... here is an opportunity for you to use a Meditation Cave for a fulfilling period of time, with no telephone calls, bank statements, bills to pay, email, fax machines, grocery shopping, or other "outside" concerns. Just you, the cave, God, nature, and your own sadhana (meditation).  Here's a photo collage of some Hermitage delights ... Photo Collage. pyramid skylight

* * * LOGISTICS * * *

By appointment only.  Please send an email to introduce yourself, and comment a bit on your meditation practice. Prior meditation training is strongly recommended; if you have none, or very little, an excellent start is via a 10 day Vipassana Meditation course.

LOCATION: In the foothills of the Ortiz Mountains, south Santa Fe County, Madrid, New Mexico.

USE: The caves are available to people of all castes, creeds, colors and religions whom the resident monk, Francis Ananda Love, feels ready for such a retreat. Truth IS one!

Bathroom Frontside-HanumanCave.jpg BASICS: The Hanuman Cave (Long Term) has a self-contained kitchen. For the Samadhi Cave, the hermitage kitchen down below, is available for your use. Also, a tiny "kitchen area" is recessed in the wall of the Samadhi Cave.

    Toilet facilities are in the outdoor bathroom pictured at left.
It is located between the two caves; Hanuman Cave is at top right in this picture.

DARKNESS RETREATS: We do NOT have the required faciilties for Total Darkness Retreats; and the caves DO NOT have toilet facilitiies inside.

DIET, etc.:
PLEASE, NO: alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, and non-vegetarian food … and please, the least amount of leather as possible. Grocery shopping & laundry services are provided as necessary, thus allowing you to remain in solitude, and at the Hermitage, according to your wishes (please see below … Services Rendered).

Vegetarian, fruitarian, etc. meals only ... prepared by yourself, on your own schedule.
There are no meal-time gongs to provide distractions … cravings or aversion.

    AT THE END of your cave time, it is requested that you bring down your bedding and towels for laundering; returning them to the cave when finished, and re-making the bed! Thanks.

* * *Hermitage Facilities.
    By Donation. Samadhi Hermitage is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are welcome and tax-deductable. They serve for the maintainance of the Hermitage, and also for the social work we do in India and elsewhere.

"Donation means donation." It must feel good to you.  If you ask about a "suggested donation", I might enjoy to say: "1/2 million dollars, but anything less is definitely ok!!"

* * * Deposit. We now request a $150 cleaning deposit at arrival, or in advance, for use of the caves. Upon inspection of the cave at your going time, the deposit will be fully refunded if the place is properly cleaned-up, bed-remade, etc. Such inspections by us at going time are also wise, because easily 90% of people forget something of theirs, which must then be returned, dealt with, etc. -- thus: "mindfulness checking" before departure.

* * * Services Rendered.
    If you come for less than a week, most likely you can bring sufficient food and water for your stay … and this is recommended.  If you need some items from Santa Fe during your sadhana, most likely that will be easy enough for our (unpaid) Hermitage Caretakers to manage on a trip into town.  Also, there is a small general store in town, within 5-10 minutes walking distance; they have a good variety of items.

    However, if you have special needs, are here for a long time period beyond which you can easily bring sufficient food and water for your stay, etc.; then the Hermitage Caretaker will need to be engaged for that ... and this must be a SEPARATE DONATION from that which you provide to the Hermitage.  Such a need can easily involve a separate expense of time and gas
on the part of the Caretaker, especially since we are hermits, going to town as infrequently as possible. So, here there may be a need for a separate donation; and this should be discussed at the very beginning. 
P.S. Water is mentioned, because some people prefer bottled/RO etc. water, over local tap (our is good!)-- so that drinking water is obtained in Santa Fe.

    Massage therapy, Chiropratics and others are often available with local friends of the Hermitage for very reasonable rates.
Also, private intensives are available with our friend,
Amita Shakti.

Thank you for your interest. May your life, sadhana and services be uplifting and fruitful wherever you go!

Jai Maa,

ADDRESS: Email: ananda@samadhihermitage.org
Telephone (505) 473-3560.



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